Personal Loan Features & Benefits

Personal Loan – The Best Multipurpose Financial Aid

Generally, a personal loan falls under the category of unsecured credit to be borrowed by the loan seekers from financial institutions like banks and NBFCs (Non-Banking Financial Companies). A personal loan can be availed to fulfill monetary challenges and financial emergencies. If you're someone who seeks a personal loan, it’s imperative to understand some of the features and aspects of a personal loan for making the most of this financial aid and having better clarity.

Though a personal loan can be applied in financial institutions from many platforms, you must look at the benefits that come along – and here Nowofloan gets the edge above all, mainly due to the comprehensiveness of the process and service offered to the customers. From enabling the customer to apply for a personal loan in Our Partnered NBFCs with a completely online process to providing on-call assistance and financial consultation to the customers, Nowofloan's services are rated high, considered the most professional, and perceived as extremely customer-centric.

Personal Loan – Features & Benefits

Unsecured Credit

A personal loan can be availed without offering any sort of security or collateral guarantee. This means you do not put anything at risk while keeping intact the ownership of your assets.

Convenient Loan Tenure

You can go for the loan repayment tenure that suits you – so that your repayment is done in the smoothest of ways.

Lower Interest Rate

Offering one of the most attractive interest rates, Our Partnered NBFCs strive to provide you with the best deal that is highly pocket-friendly and help you minimize the repaying load.

Fully Online Process

You can apply for a personal loan in Our Partnered NBFCs through our online portal without stepping out of your home. This saves a lot of your time, money, and effort.

Minimum Documentation

As mentioned earlier, there is no collateral guarantee asked for a personal loan. So, the documentation is minimum, feasible, and easy.

Restriction-free Usage

You are under no obligation to use your personal loan for certain things only. You can use the funds as per your requirements and according to your will.

Instant Pre-Approval

The fastest pre-approval from Our Partnered NBFCs is one of the most intriguing aspects of Nowofloan. With absolutely no hassle, just within a few clicks, you can get your pre-approved personal loan offer from Our NBFC Partners.

Extremely Easy Process

Nowofloan's optimized portal allows you to apply for a personal loan in Our Partnered NBFCs without hassles or challenges. With very simple steps, you can commence the process immediately.

Where Can A Personal Loan Be Used?

Whatever the money requirement is, a personal loan is handy gear to satisfy them efficiently. Let's have a look at some of the purposes for which a personal loan can be used.

Fulfil Medical Expenses

Arranging money for medical emergencies from unreliable sources can be a serious mess. On the other hand, a personal loan can help you in a streamlined manner.

Pay Ongoing Debts

Why pay huge interest rates and get burdened by debts? Go for a personal loan and consolidate your debts right away.

Marriage Budget

Make sure your wedding bells ring in a dreamy way! Don't compromise your big day, take a personal loan and make it as grander as you wish.

Vacation Costs

A personal loan can rip apart the barrier between you and your special getaway plans. Let nothing stop you from wandering!

Pay Child's Education Fees

Your child's education is the foundation on which their future will shape. You can opt for a personal loan to pay the education fees on time.

Easy & Hassle-Free Process

Our motto is to give you the easiest experience through a smart and structured process. Through the following simple stages, your loan process in Our Partnered NBFCs could be optimally processed.

  1. Quick Registration
  2. Check Eligibility
  3. Buy Membership
  4. Submit Documents
  5. Bank Verification
  6. Bank Sanction