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A Glimpse of Nowofloan

The company was founded in 2019 with the sole purpose of enabling people to leverage the best financial consultancy and services – which plays a very imperative role in making one's financial aspirations realized.

In just a very small span of time, Nowofloan has garnered immense customer trust, satisfaction, and reliance as a top-notch financial consultation and service provider. To make it evident with the figures, we boast of having 225K+ satisfied customers whom we have had the great opportunity to serve. To take our services and provisions to an ever-increasing level, we're partnered with several leading NBFCs – letting our customers make the most of our membership.

Vision & Mission

With an aim to empower people towards their financial goals, dreams, and aspirations - Nowofloan facilitates people with the most sorted way of getting sublime financial consultation. Be it a short-term requirement or a long-term one, our consultation is always in customizable mode. The numerous benefits gained by a person against the very reasonable fees of our membership are truly worth it. With a very smooth financial consultation and services, the membership owners experience advantageous highlights like 3 Months of Free Consultancy and Service, a personalized tracking portal, a 100% online process, applying for a loan in our partnered NBFCs, and much more. So, just by sitting and relaxing at home, a person can get an expertised consultation – all through Nowofloan!

The numerous benefits gained by a person against very reasonable fees of the Membership are the best part of this membership program. With very smooth registration, the membership owners will get 3 Months of Free Consultancy. So, just by sitting and relaxing at home, a person can get expert financial consultation and services. Also, Nowofloan's Channel Partner Program is a fantastic opportunity for individuals to refer and earn money through full-time dedication or part-time attention.

Our Story

Some of the milestones we achieved – surely many more to join!

July 2019 Launched

With a high passion to serve customers, our portal made its online presence

Dec 2019

3000 Customers Served

We received some great stats and response from customers in our opening year

Oct 2020

3 NBFC Partners

Widening the horizons of our service and enhancing customer experience

Dec 2020

Rs.70 Million Disbursement

Direct reflection of how we as a company garnered immense customer satisfaction

Oct 2021

1000+ Channel Partners

We went on to create a huge chain and embrace an impeccable expansion

Dec 2021

225K+ Customers Served

Such an overwhelming customer response validated our quality of services

April 2022

12 NBFC Partners

This figure, for us, was inspiring to push our boundaries and touch higher peaks

Sept 2022

Rs.140 Million Disbursement

This shows the amazing number of people whose lives we touched with positivity

How's Nowofloan Your Wisest Selection?

Our arsenal of benefits sets a higher benchmark!

225K+ Happy & Satisfied Customers

We take pride in serving our humongous customer base effectively

PAN India Service

Geographies never come between us and our customers

1000+ Partners

We all strive to achieve one thing – Customer Satisfaction!

Partnered with Leading NBFCs

Offering our customers the entire gamut of opportunities and possibilities

our products

The Media Coverage

Our unique services and accomplishments were well-featured all across